Basketball is one of my favorite sports. In Basketball you have to be aggressive, you will fall sometimes, but all you have to do is get back up and keep going. You need to be able to grab the ball from people!

Something you should know about basketball is that in the WNBA they use a smaller ball then they do in the NBA. In the WNBA they use the size 28.5 and in the NBA they use a 29.5 I use a 28.5 but I practice with both.

Can you guess which ball is the 28.5 sized ball and which is the 29.5 sized ball?

There are different places to shoot from. My favorite places to shoot from are from inside the key, right outside the key, from the free-throw line, and the three-point line.

What have you learned about basketball from this post?

What are you still wondering about basketball that was not in the post?

Visiting The Golden Gate Bridge

Today in class we visited six wonderful places all around the United States. Just kidding! We used virtual reality viewers to make it seem like we were actually there. If you don’t know what virtual reality is then here is the definition. Virtual reality is when you are in one place and you put on the virtual reality viewers, it takes you to that location. With the viewers on, everyone was saying, “Wow!” or “Look at that!”

The Golden Gate Bridge was our second stop on the tour. It is located in northern California, and it links Marin county and to the city of San Francisco. It spans the Golden Gate which is strait between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

  Have you done virtual reality? If so where

did you visit?

Do you know any facts about the Golden

Gate Bridge?

Spring Equinox

March 20 was the first day of spring! Spring started at 2:58 P.M. In spring plants grow leaves, buds, and then they flower.

Where I live it does not snow in the winter, but in some places when it snows the roots from trees and plants freeze. Then spring comes and melts the snow and plants start to grow. That reminds me, have you ever heard the saying April showers bring May flowers? What do you think that means?

At the beginning of spring, most people wear sweaters and pants and at the end of spring people wear shorts and t-shirts because summer comes after spring.

Here are some photos I took of flowers.


Which photo do you like the best and why?

What is your favorite thing to do in the spring?

5 Steps to Quality Comments

In class, we made posters for week: 3 for the  Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge. The theme of the week was quality commenting. I used the app called PicCollage. What do you like about it?

Here is my poster and audio:


Have you ever made a poster on an iPad? If so, what app did you use?

What subjects to you write about on your blog? 



I Spy the London Eye

Have you ever seen the London Eye?


The London Eye is the world’s largest Ferris wheel! Some things you can see from the view of the London Eye are Hungerford Bride, The London Aquarium, Westminster Bridge, and the most famous of them all Buckingham Palace. It was cool to see Buckingham Palace from the top of the London Eye after seeing it at ground level when watching the changing of the guards!

Here are a couple pictures that I took of the view from the London Eye!




Can you spot Buckingham Palace in one of my photos?

Can you guess which bridge is in the other photo?

Which of these landmarks look the most interesting to you?

I would love to hear your responses.

Bye for now,
“Casey Cherry”

Fish Fractions


In class, we did fish fractions on Seesaw for Dr. Suess’ birthday! It was really fun! I like using fractions in different ways. For example, when baking cookies and cakes it is fun to measure the ingredients. Many of the ingredients are fractions.If you mix the right measurements you can make the perfect dessert!

What have you baked that used fractions?

What is your favorite fraction?

Do You Like Sports?



I love sports like basketball, soccer, football, and more. I like basketball because l like all of the different stances, positions, and passes. Two good passes are bounce passes and chest passes. In soccer, I Iove running down the field in bright green grass. When I play football I like to throw the ball as hard as I can.

                     Do you play sports?

                   What sports do you play?

                    What do you like about sports?


Welcome to My Blog

Greetings and salutations!

Today is the day that I published my first blog post. It is also Pajama Day at my school. I am wearing a blue sports robe and a gray shirt and sweatpants. I also wore slippers! We got 100% so we are going to get a spirit day 1award at the end of the day? Everyone is wearing pajamas!


What is your favorite spirit days?  Mine is pajama day, and we read Dr. Suess books because it is his birthday.

Meet Casey, My Avatar

Today in class we had fun creating our avatars. I am a part of the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge. Meet my avatar named Casey. As you can see I love the colors red and blue. They are colorful and bright! To make my avatar I used the site called Peanutized to make my own Peanut character. Did you ever watch the Peanuts movie?


Tell me about your avatar!