5 Steps to Quality Comments

In class, we made posters for week: 3 for the  Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge. The theme of the week was quality commenting. I used the app called PicCollage. What do you like about it?

Here is my poster and audio:


Have you ever made a poster on an iPad? If so, what app did you use?

What subjects to you write about on your blog? 



6 thoughts on “5 Steps to Quality Comments

  1. @ Casey,

    Yes, Casey, I have made plenty of posters and one of my favorites is a poster that I solved a math problem.

    What I like so much about it was that I put digital cc paper bag pictures so you could really tell that I put a lot of work and time into it.
    I’ve written about many things and one of them is my peach tree.

    What is something that you’re really proud of?


    • @Sarah

      Something I was really proud of was when I got my green belt and certificate.
      I was also very proud of this 5 steps to quality commenting poster and audio.

      Did you make a commenting poster?

      Casey Cherry

  2. HI!
    I really love the image you have at the top of your page. Did you take that picture? Where was it taken? Your poster is very colorful, yet easy to read.
    Mrs. Kueter

    • @Mrs. Kueter

      Thank for your wonderful comment! I did not take the picture, I got it from Pixabay.
      Pixabay is a site where you can get free pictures. Mrs. Yollis taught the class about copyright so she showed us the site Pxabay.

      Casey Cherry

  3. Hello everyone! This is Mrs. Jahal and I am a 6th-grade teacher.
    My students make posters on an app called pic collage.

    I love blogging because it includes reading and writing and I really enjoy it!

    Do you use pic collage?

    Mrs. Jahal

    • @Mrs. Jahal

      In answer to your question, I do use PicCollage. I actually used PicCollage to make this poster! Thank you for the compliment, I try to keep my voice at a nice pace.
      I also like how blogging includes reading and writing.

      Your blogging buddy,
      Cassey Cherry

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