I Spy the London Eye

Have you ever seen the London Eye?


The London Eye is the world’s largest Ferris wheel! Some things you can see from the view of the London Eye are Hungerford Bride, The London Aquarium, Westminster Bridge, and the most famous of them all Buckingham Palace. It was cool to see Buckingham Palace from the top of the London Eye after seeing it at ground level when watching the changing of the guards!

Here are a couple pictures that I took of the view from the London Eye!




Can you spot Buckingham Palace in one of my photos?

Can you guess which bridge is in the other photo?

Which of these landmarks look the most interesting to you?

I would love to hear your responses.

Bye for now,
“Casey Cherry”

6 thoughts on “I Spy the London Eye

  1. Hi Casey,

    How lucky you are to have visited London. I have never been to Europe!

    What a magnificent view you had from the London Eye. I would like to experience this one day. How often does the changing of the guards happen at Buckingham Palace?

    Best wishes from Australia,
    Mrs Kathleen Morris

    • @ Mrs.Morris
      Thank you for your wonderful comment! Mrs.Yollis helped me look up the answer to your question about how often the changing of the gourds. Here is the answer, the changing of the guards starts at 11:00 sharp every day but on Sunday it starts at 10:00 sharp.

      I do recommend to go to Europe I had a good time!

      Your friend,
      “Casey Cherry”

      • Hi Casey,

        Thank you for your reply. You were so quick!

        What a great teacher you have to help you look up that information about the changing of the guards. I hope I get to see this sometime. Thank you for your recommendation to visit Europe. It is a long way from Australia but I think it would be worth it!

        Your blogging buddy,
        Mrs Morris

  2. Hello from California! This is “Casey Cherry” and I have some questions for you.
    Have you been to London? If so, what was your favorite part of your trip?
    If not, where have you traveled? Where is your favorite place you have traveled?

    I can’t wait to see your responses!

    By for now,
    “Casey Cherry”

    • Hi Lara!

      It’s Casey Cherry. I flew there but I bet going on a cruise would be fun too. Places that I saw that I liked were Buckingham Palace, Big Ben at the time it was getting fixed, and I went to a science museum. That trip sure was fun!

      Bye for now,

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