Fish Fractions


In class, we did fish fractions on Seesaw for Dr. Suess’ birthday! It was really fun! I like using fractions in different ways. For example, when baking cookies and cakes it is fun to measure the ingredients. Many of the ingredients are fractions.If you mix the right measurements you can make the perfect dessert!

What have you baked that used fractions?

What is your favorite fraction?

2 thoughts on “Fish Fractions

  1. @ Casey,

    Congratulations on a great post! I really like your colorful graphic and the great questions that you asked. I have never thought about what my favorite fraction is! That is a very interesting question. I think perhaps my favorite fraction is 1/3 because growing up I was one of three sisters. So I always think of myself as “one of three” things that are similar.

    I absolutely love to bake using fractions. I recently had the honor of baking with your class using fractions! We made muffins. Did you enjoy that?

    I also recently made a lemon cake using fractions. I had to use the zest (or peel) of THREE lemons, but I only had to use the juice from ONE of the lemons. So that meant 1/3 of the zested lemons was cut open and squeezed for juice, but 2/3 of the zested lemons were just left sitting there, looking quite odd. I didn’t want to waste the lemons so I had to figure out another way to use the fruit.

    I know that you really like sports. What is one way that fractions can be used in sports? Do you ever hear the term “half” or “quarter” used in sports?

    Your blogging friend,

  2. @Lisa

    This is Casey Cherry. To answer your question, I have heard the term quarter before. For example, there are four quarters in basketball. I did like it when you came to our class to make pumpkin muffins. They were delicious!

    Your blogging buddy,
    “Casey Cherry”

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